Mr. Yousuf Ahmad Al Mohannadi

Mr. Yousuf Ahmad Al Mohannadi, The Founder and CEO of DECOPAGE, has a big interest and understanding of design and interior decoration art, the founder’s vision is elevating local interior design and positioning the Qatar on the global market for luxury design.

In 2001, Decopage Interiors was born in Doha, Has a large experience on large-scale projects in both architecture and interior design in Qatar. Today it has expanded its operations to cover all the Middle East, and is considered one of the leading operations in Qatar with global recognition.

Our Teams

  1. Yousef Al Mohannadi
    General Manager

    1. Eng. Fatima ELHAJOUI
      Executive Manager
    1. Namsheer
      Executive Secretary

    2. Design Manager

    3. Mr. Mohammed

    1. Mr.Bessam Antony
      Senior Designer

    2. Mr. Rod Brenzuela

    3. Mr.Prasob

    1. Implementation Manager

    1. Otman Chib
    2. Fouad Mahmoud
    3. Gypsum & Wall Designing Team
    4. Painting Team
    5. Marble Installation Team