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About Deco Page Qatar

Our main value at Decopage Interiors is to place the clients’ needs at the core of our design process.
At Decopage interiors we are providing full support during the initial design phase and guiding the client desires and tests to follow the correct style vision, we work closely with our client and combine our expertise and their ideas to further develop the desired design vision and ensure that its communicated and achieved by our well-experienced team by Creating a schedule of follow-up, along with a timeline from the project start upon completion. Decopage Interiors is specialized in creating design Ideas, producing design visualization that include 3D designs, detailed drawings, Specifications and Moodboards amongst other interiors/architecture services.

Discover our Decopage Designs

DECOPAGE interiors is dedicated solely to creating innovative and bespoke designs and interior solutions at your space. This includes furniture, fixtures, sourcing the best artwork, selecting the suitable paint, and accessories that will surely add a touch of brilliance to your space. Whether you are thinking of furnishing your space or complete renovation and makeovers, DECOPAGE interiors are committed to offering you services that are derived from our extensive design skills and our understanding of individual style, originality. At Decopage we are sourcing interiors from across the world specifically for the project requirement.

Minimalistic Design

Minimalist design is about prioritizing the essential. A minimalist building, object, or interior design is stripped to its core function, realized using limited materials, neutral colors, simple forms, and avoiding excess ornamentation to achieve a

New classic Design

Minimalist and modern flats embellished with elegant classical furnishings, the New Classic style can create a fascinating combination of atmospheres, enhancing interiors with unusual combinations and bold choices.

Eclectic Design

Primarily, eclectic design is accomplished by mixing and matching multiple home designs to create a purposeful and cohesive theme throughout a home.

French Classic

Classic French style in the interior is a representative of the elite interior directions bordering with refinement, solidity, nobility, with a clear focus on user-friendliness, without any hint of the majestic supremacy.

Contemporary Design

As contemporary decorating style is timeless and defined by a classic approach to bringing a room together through luxurious simplicity, it’s a design movement that’s well worth the effort and investment as it will never go out of style and is e

Modern Design

Is a style of decor that focuses on minimalism, neutral colors, clean design lines and environmentally friendly materials.

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Decopage Projects

Decopage dedicated Projects Division team is able to meet the unique requirements of delivering highly-finished tenant fit-outs works of ceilings, walls, casting, gypsum work, in addition to joineries, marble and flooring, ..etc. The assignments are fast-paced and our staff is experienced in working with architects, consultants, contractors and clients ensuring a seamless process to deliver the projects from idea to reality using the best quality materials and interior construction practices.

Partners and Products

Decopage is proud to be one of the leading companies in Qatar, with competitive advantage in delivering state-of-the-art design, luxury furniture, finishing materials and decorative accessories sourced from its many partnerships with key industry global leaders and factories in Italy, France, Portugal, Belgium, Sweden and worldwide.